Hurrah! Jaguar F-Type Manual has Born!


Last week at the LA Auto Show, Jaguar unveiled its newest iteration of the breathtakingly beautiful F-Type. However, it wasn’t some refreshed exterior or special edition. Rather, the company took the time and listened to a few critics. Thus, a proper F-Type manual transmission was born.

Jaguar-F-Type-ManualJaguar’s ridiculously awesome F-Type has been the darling of the media for the past year or so. And between its raucous exhaust, and stunning good looks, it quickly became one of the most sought after cars on the market. But there was always the want for Jaguar to release the car with a proper transmission, and truly make it worthy of Jaguar’s sports car heritage.

FT_013_084_GEE_GEAR_SHIFT_SELECTOR-device_desktop-1366x769_OPT_tcm97-27380_desktop_1366x769The LA Auto Show was the time with the announcement of a six-speed F-Type manual transmission. And at the launch, Jaguar handed out one of the best press kits we’ve seen; a manual manual. It teaches everyone the proper method to driving a stick. It’s full of useful information and easy to navigate sections. Sections like “Three Pedals?” or “What’s the Tachometer for?” and “Advanced techniques that encompass How to Short Shift.”

FT_014_076_GEE_R_INTERIOR_IVORYJETDUO_TAB-device_desktop-1366x660_tcm97-39711_desktop_1366x660Jaguar ended the press conference perfectly with the quote from the back page of the manual, “As a qualified manual driver, it is now your responsibility to pass on the knowledge and teach someone else. Long live the manual!” We couldn’t have said it any better.