Cars Manufactured by Ford India with On-Road Price, New Delhi



Ford CC Fuel Type On Road Price New Delhi (Rs.)
Ford Endevour 2.5L 4×2 2499cc/4cylinder diesel 21,00,000
Ford Endevour 3.0L 4×2 2953cc/4cylinder diesel 22,89,000
Ford Endevour 3.0L 4×4 automatic 2953cc/4cylinder diesel 24,82,000
Ford Fiesta 1.5 Titanium+ (Petrol) 1498cc/4cylinder diesel 9,29,000
Ford Fiesta 1.5 ambient 1498cc/4cylinder diesel 7,69,000
Ford Fiesta 1.5 Trend (Diesel) 1498cc/4cylinder diesel 8,55,000
Ford Fiesta Classic 1.6 LXi Duratec 1596cc/4cylinder petrol 6,15,000
Ford Fiesta Classic 1.6 CLXi Duratec 1596cc/4cylinder petrol 7,05,000
Ford Fiesta Classic 1.6 SXi Duratec 1596cc/4cylinder petrol 7,35,000
Ford Fiesta Classic 1.4 LXi Duratorq 1399cc/4cylinder diesel 7,82,000
Ford Fiesta Classic 1.4 CLXi Duratorq 1399cc/4cylinder diesel 8,29,000
Ford Figo 1.2 LXi Duratec 1196cc/4cylinder petrol 4,30,000
Ford Figo 1.2 Exi Duratec 1196cc/4cylinder petrol 4,70,000
Ford Figo 1.2 zxi Duratec 1196cc/4cylinder petrol 5,10,000
Ford Figo 1.2 Titanium 1196cc/4cylinder petrol 5,60,000
Ford Figo 1.4 LXi Duratorq 1399cc/4cylinder diesel 5,45,000
Ford Figo 1.4 EXi Duratorq 1399cc/4cylinder diesel 6,19,000
Ford Figo 1.4 ZXi Duratorq 1399cc/4cylinder diesel 6,28,000
Ford Figo 1.4 Titanium Diesel 1399cc/4cylinder diesel 6,69,000
Ford Ecosport ambiente 1499cc/4cylinder petrol 5,59,000
Ford Ecosport trend 1499cc/4cylinder petrol 6,50,000
Ford Ecosport titanium 1499cc/4cylinder petrol 7,51,000
Ford Ecosport titanium A/T 1499cc/4cylinder petrol 8,45,000
Ford Ecosport Ecoboost titanium 999cc/3cylinder petrol 7,90,000
Ford Ecosport ecoboost titanium+ 999cc/3cylinder petrol 8,29,000
Ford Ecosport ambiente 1498cc/4cylinder diesel 6,69,000
Ford Ecosport trend 1498cc/4cylinder diesel 7,69,000
Ford Ecosport titanium 1498cc/4cylinder diesel 8,62,000
Ford Ecosport titanium+ 1498cc/4cylinder diesel 9,00,000

Note: Prices as per November 2014
Prices may vary from city to city and time to time.

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