Royal Enfield Bullet Silencer vs Wine Glasses


Bullet is arguably the most popular bike for people looking for a retro-themed tourer motorcycle. Its iconic exhaust note is something that everyone in our country must be familiar with. You would know that a Bullet is approaching from a mile away. However, some people go one step further by installing crackles to the exhaust tip for enhanced sound effects.

Royal Enfield Bullet vs Wine Glass

Mr Indian Hacker who has just under 29 million subscribers on YouTube. He is one of the biggest YouTubers in the country and keeps posting experimental videos mostly involving cars and bikes. In this video, he decides to test the force of the exhaust on a wine glass. Now, we know that modified exhausts can have quite a powerful impact, especially with the crackles. But how harmful can they actually be?

The YouTuber starts the Bullet and gives it full throttle. A wine glass is stuck on two bricks to make it come to the height of the exhaust pipe. It is secured in place using thick tape. As soon as the YouTuber presses the button for the crackles, the pop from the exhaust pipe shatters the glass within milliseconds. All that is left is the broken half-glass. They did the experiment one more time, and the glass was almost completely damaged.

Finally, we would like to reiterate that such stunts must not be imitated as they can cause serious safety hazards. You must understand that the YouTubers take a lot of care about that aspect behind the scenes. We, as the audience don’t get to see that and trying to do such experiments without ensuring safety could have disastrous consequences. What are your thoughts about this experiment?