Queen Of England To Be The First Owner Of The Bentley Bentayga SUV


Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of England will be the first one to receive the Bentley Bentayga 4×4 SUV.


The SUV is said to be the most powerful vehicle with ultimate luxury. This SUV which features a 6L twin-turbo engine will be used by the queen for hunting and deer stalking expeditions across her huge Scottish Estate.

As the queen is a British Royal, Bentley had presented the Queen with a Bentley State Limousine for her Golden Jubilee back in 2002 and a Bentley Mulsanne also stands in her vehicle’s stable.

At the Frankfurt Auto Show, Bentley’s CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer confirmed that the Bentayga had also received a Royal assent. He said – ‘We have reserved the number one car for her’.

Bentley’s President Michael Winkler with utter proud also confirmed that the Queen had ‘decided to test drive the Bentayga a few weeks ago and the car which she test drove was a prototype but now she will be the first customer and will use it for her hunting expeditions’.

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The car has ultimate luxurious interior which boasts leather seats, which feature stitching and a quilted diamond design, which is usually tweed and sported by the Windsors.