Not many Bugatti Veyrons Left to Buy



If you’ve been furiously saving your pennies to purchase a Bugatti Veyron, then you might want to think about robbing a bank in the next week, because there aren’t that many left available to buy. Only 20 of the super exclusive supercars remain, all of them roadsters.

The Veyron had a limited production run of just 450 units with 300 coupes and just 150 roadsters. So, if you do get a roadster, you’re getting a more exclusive version of the car. They recently unveiled the final Veyron in their Legends Series, the “Ettore Bugatti,” dedicated to the brand’s founder.


The Ettore was first unveiled in California this August at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. It’s getting its official European debut this week at the Paris Motor Show.

Only three each of the six Limited Series Veyrons will be built, making them practically impossible to get with buyers secured before the Ettore even made its debut. All is not lost if you have dreams of parking a Bugatti in your driveway, or more likely your expansive, climate-controlled garage.

The company says they already have a new model in the works and that it will maintain the brand’s reputation. Quoted in CarScoops, Bugatti President Wolfgang Dürheimer told a crowd at the VW Group Night at the Paris Motor Show, “The world’s most demanding automobile connoisseurs will continue to find the automotive grail at Bugatti.”