Camping with a Ferrari F40! Really?


A proud owner of a Ferrari F40 in Japan takes his ride for a camping with his mates. He also does some off-roading with his multi – million dollar Supercar. Its Real!

F40 Camping

Well, you don’t see that every day. What is widely regarded as the Ferrari of the past three decades is now taking on a new role…in Japan at least.

Camping. The Japanese owner of this Ferrari F40 – a hardcore, no-nonsense, 200 mph weapon – strapped a tent, some chairs and a grill to the top of his Prancing Horse and took it to presumably where no F40 has ever been before.

F40 Camping 2

By a river, surrounded by rocks, and far far away from the heated garage floors and routine polishes that its contemporaries should be quite used to. At least it’s being driven; 478-horsepower V8s do need their exercise.

Judging by the photos, the off-road Ferrari garnered quite a bit of attention from passersby. Families stopped to take some photos with the bright red supercar while the owner and his buddy put-up for a quick barbeque. It just goes to show that no matter where you go to hide in an uber-rare Ferrari, people will find you.