Mahindra XUV700 Shows ADAS/5-star Safety Rating Aren’t Substitutes for Safe Driving


Mahindra has equipped the XUV700 with class-leading safety and ADAS features making it the safest car in India at the GNCAP.

XUV700 has created a lot of buzz in the market famously commanding waiting periods for certain models until 2024. ADAS functions were the talking point of the SUV. However, we had earlier reported that some people were misusing the feature by leaving the steering wheel unattended and jumping out of the driver’s seat on the highway. Moronic acts like these are bound to result in catastrophe.

Mahindra XUV700 with ADAS Crashes

This incident has been reported from Tamil Nadu. It looks like a winding section of roads suggesting that it is some sort of hilly area. An XUV700 is seen lying on its side at the side of the road. While the details of the accident are not available, it does not like it was involved in a collision. The sunroof is seen broken along with the front windshield. This could be a result of the vehicle turning title.

There has been no report of an injury to anyone. Assessing the visuals, it looks like the side pillars have absorbed the impact and hadn’t let the damage creep into the cabin. This reflects the build quality of the XUV700 which is why it has been rewarded full 5 stars at the GNCAP. While the details are not clear it could be a classic case of the carelessness of the driver. This is the top AX7 L trim which comes with the ADAS. Hence, it is entirely possible that the driver could’ve been complacent.

ADAS and 5-star Rating No Substitutes for Safe Driving

We would like the draw the attention of our readers to the importance of safe driving. Most road accidents take place because of overspeeding. It continues to be the main cause of unfortunate incidents on Indian roads. Therefore, we would urge our readers to not take road safety for granted and always ensure that you follow the traffic rules. Moreover, it’s important to note that ADAS and 5-star Safety Rating are no substitutes for safe driving. Let us pledge that we make our roads much safer than they already are.