Top 3 bestselling compact SUVs in India in September 2022


The compact SUV segment has received significant upgrades in the last few months. This segment is one of the strong contributors to overall car sales in India.

Read below to learn more about the top three bestselling models in the compact SUV segment in September –

Maruti Suzuki Brezza

The Maruti Suzuki Brezza has retained the top rank in the compact SUV segment in September 2022. The Indian automaker sold 15,445 units of the Brezza last month compared to 1,874 unit sales in September 2021, thereby registering a massive growth of 724 per cent. The big jump in sales can be attributed to the recently launched new Brezza in the country.

Tata Nexon

The Nexon compact SUV missed the top rank by 927 units! The popular utility vehicle manufacturer sold 14,518 units of the Nexon compact SUV in September 2022 compared to 9,211 sales in the same period last year, thereby registering a growth of 58 per cent. The ICE as well as the electric version of the vehicle are strong contributors to the overall sales.

Tata Punch

Here’s yet another Tata model on this list. The Tata Punch sub-compact SUV has secured the third rank with 12,251 unit sales in September 2022. Since its debut in October 2021, the Tata Punch has been quick to make it to the bestseller list.