Suzuki Hayabusa is Actually a Replica Based on Hero Xtreme 160R


The aftermarket bike modification houses have become so competent over the years that the final products look barely similar to the donor models.

This is a riveting aftermarket customization where a Hero Xtreme 160R has been modified into a Suzuki Hayabusa. Now, it certainly doesn’t look like these two can even remotely be connected to each other but the final product will prove you wrong. Aftermarket automobile modification houses are becoming increasingly creative where they offer a ton of options to customize a bike depending on the budget of the customers. This includes bringing in original spare parts or replicas as the customers desire.

Hero Xtreme Modified into a Suzuki Hayabusa

The latter explains all the modifications done on this bike to make it look like the Busa (as it is colloquially called). At the front, the visor has been sourced from the original Hayabusa along with the side mirrors. In addition to that, the front facia consists of redesigned headlights, a massive black body panel, a humungous fairing with Hayabusa body graphics, a tweaked instrument cluster and much more. On the sides, the chunky sculpted fuel tank looks muscular, there is the rear cowl that is removed using a key, the side body panel at the rear is extended out of the bike to give it a broad appearance, the massive exhaust pipe ensures that the exhaust note sounds sporty, the alloy wheels and tyres have been changed to what the Hayabusa comes with, the rear LED taillamp and side indicators have been fitted with great professionalism. There is a grab handle at the rear too.

Price of Modification

The modifier explains that they have two standard packages for the Hayabusa replica – one costs Rs 1.80 lakh, while the second costs Rs 2.20 lakh. He also informs that this kit doesn’t include the original visor and side mirrors and these have been installed on this bike on special customer demand. Needless to say, the more unique you want your bike to be, the higher the prices will go. How did you like this Hayabusa replica?