How to select proper helmet for myself ?


LS2, Studds, Vega, Steelbird, MPA AGV, Cross, Daijya, Nuvo, Sparx, KBC, Joe Rocket, HJC, Arai.. and the list goes on. So many helmets, so many features, such wide range.. But aesthetics and pricing apart, the main function of a helmet is protection – and be it so. Always chose a protective helmet rather than a good looking one.

The helmet plays the most vital role in case of a crash – it absorbs the energy in case of a crash and dissipates it in the form of physical damage, also distributing the forces and preventing any harm to the rider/driver. A good helmet should first and foremost have enough padding (at least 20 mm). A helmet covering entire face is always advisable. Also, check for the size of helmet – it should not be loose, which might increase the chances of injuries. The helmet should have a good quality visor (especially for night vision) and should not affect hearing to great extent. It should be light weight to prevent strain on the neck, and most important – the helmet should not cause neck or any other kind of internal injuries in case of crashes.