Chai With Children


‘Chai With Children’ is an initiative by Motolethe in association with The Lycans ­ Pune for the children staying at Shikshan Gram ­ shelter for children. More than 40 riders with their friends would be riding all the way from Chandni Chowk, ­ Pune early morning, covering a distance of approx. 75 kms one way to reach Malavali. Over 140 children are eagerly waiting with smiles and a warm welcome for the riders on 15th Nov 2015. This is the day when post Diwali and Children’s Day would be celebrated with ‘chai­naashta’, games, music and above all good times with children of Shikshan Gram.


Shikshan Gram is an NGO being run by Yogita Moon and Satish Moon who are parents to the children sheltered there. From street children to those deprived of basic living needs, children found on railway platforms, rubbish dumps and the street corners, all kind of such children have found love, happiness and family here at Shikshan Gram. Children call Yogita ‘Aai’ and she feels proud to be a mother of so many children whom she has been taking care of since the year 2008.

To make their day special, individual riders and those from different riding groups have been invited by Trisha Roy and Savio Tavadia who represent Motolethe and The Lycans ­ Pune (organizers) to get together and add happiness and joys for children of Shikshan Gram.

Everyone together with all the fun would have breakfast with some Diwali sweets and ‘faraal’ with children which has been funded by riders and riders’ friends. It’s a breakfast day with children to add brightness to their morning…Yes indeed!

Lt. Col Sohan Roy (Retd) who is a legend from the biking fraternity and is also very fond of children would be joining Chai With Children. More from him would follow after the event.

Some of the names who have actively been contributing and would make their presence felt that day are ­ Motolethe, The Lycans ­ Pune,, xBhp, Mean Machines Battalion, Dzone, Sakri, bikeadvice, Pagdandi, Musafirs, The Bikerni, Royal Herald and many more.