Chris Pratt Rides a “Triumph Scrambler” in the Jurassic World Movie (Trailer)


TRIUMPH-Scrambler-Great-Escape-by-COOLmotorcycles-002That’s right folks, the official trailer for Jurassic World dropped today. And while we’re all giddy to see what dinosaurs will be eating people, there is one more detail that us auto nuts can also be fans of.

Action hero star Chris Pratt goes around riding a lovely little Triumph Scrambler Motorcycle. Alongside raptors and everything. You can catch it towards the end of the trailer. We also know that the Mercedes AMG 6×6 is making an appearance at some point, and some weird orb things let park goers see the dinos up close.

Chris-Pratt-MotorcycleFor Sure you won’t miss to watch Dinosaurs and kickass rides after watching out the trailer below: