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Honda CC Fuel Type On Road Price New Delhi (Rs.)
Honda amaze E 1198cc/4cylinder Petrol 5,82,000
Honda amaze S 1198cc/4cylinder Petrol 6,56,000
Honda amaze SX 1198cc/4cylinder Petrol 7,12,000
Honda amaze VX 1198cc/4cylinder Petrol 7,78,000
Honda amaze S A/T 1198cc/4cylinder Petrol 7,85,000
Honda amaze VX A/T 1198cc/4cylinder Petrol 8,79,000
Honda amaze EX i-DTEC 1498cc/4cylinder Diesel 7,16,000
Honda amaze S i-DTEC 1498cc/4cylinder Diesel 7,91,000
Honda amaze SX i-DTEC 1498cc/4cylinder Diesel 8,19,000
Honda amaze VX i-DTEC 1498cc/4cylinder Diesel 8,86,000
Honda Brio E 1198cc/4cylinder Petrol 4,71,000
Honda Brio EX 1198cc/4cylinder Petrol 4,93,000
Honda Brio S 1198cc/4cylinder Petrol 5,27,000
Honda Brio V 1198cc/4cylinder Petrol 5,68,000
Honda Brio VX 1198cc/4cylinder Petrol 6,02,000
Honda Brio VX A/T 1198cc/4cylinder Petrol 7,03,000
Honda City E 1497cc/4cylinder Petrol 8,30,000
Honda City S 1497cc/4cylinder Petrol 9,04,000
Honda City SV 1497cc/4cylinder Petrol 9,63,000
Honda City SV CVT 1497cc/4cylinder Petrol 10,73,000
Honda City V 1497cc/4cylinder Petrol 10,24,000
Honda City VX 1497cc/4cylinder Petrol 11,27,000
Honda City VX CVT 1497cc/4cylinder Petrol 12,76,000
Honda City E i-DTEC 1498cc/4cylinder Diesel 9,82,000
Honda City S i-DTEC 1498cc/4cylinder Diesel 10,53,000
Honda City SV i-DTEC 1498cc/4cylinder Diesel 11,09,000
Honda City V i-DTEC 1498cc/4cylinder Diesel 12,08,000
Honda City VX i-DTEC 1498cc/4cylinder Diesel 13,18,000
Honda CRV 2L MT 1997cc/4cylinder Petrol 23,37,000
Honda CRV 2L AT 1997cc/4cylinder Petrol 24,51,000
Honda CRV 2.4L AT AVN 2354cc/4cylinder Petrol 28,04,000
Honda Mobilio E 1497cc/4cylinder Petrol 6,49,000
Honda Mobilio S 1497cc/4cylinder Petrol 7,51,000
Honda Mobilio V 1497cc/4cylinder Petrol 8,77,000
Honda Mobilio E 1498cc/4cylinder Diesel 7,89,000
Honda Mobilio S 1498cc/4cylinder Diesel 8,60,000
Honda Mobilio V 1498cc/4cylinder Diesel 9,76,000
Honda Mobilio RS 1498cc/4cylinder Diesel 10,86,000

Note: Prices as per November 2014
Prices may vary from city to city and time to time.

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