BMW S1000RR Quick Review



The first supersport bike , that’s also a BMW has moved up to next level. More streamlined, more responsive and with a new design, which reminds us of aliens, not only it looks like an alien , it also perform like a super powered alien . This is one of the most technically advance super bike ever manufactured. Its power to weight ratio is as impressive as ever, while the motorcycle feels even lighter punchier thanks to its new suspension geometry and light weight frame.

The new inline four cylinder engine in the RR has insane performance , delivering acceleration that will take your breath away. Its engine revs to an incredible 14,200 rpm, with the RR delivering its maximum output of 193 hp. It is an engine designed to take its rider to the absolute limit.
To new throttle curves have been made for four different modes – one for rain mode and the other for sport race and slick mode.


Rain- this mode is ideal for wet and muddy roads , you can just use 163 hp in this mode.
Sport- this mode is suitable for good roads, the place where we mostly love to go highways.
Race- this mode is used on race tracks.
Slick- this is used mode is for track use with slick tyres . This can only be activated via coding plug hidden under the seat.

When you are riding this alien machine , at high speed you never know what the tarmac road is going to throw at you . At times it is smooth and fresh and at others it is rough and old. And if you want to win on these roads , then your suspension has to be brilliant, it should offer a right answer to every situation of road, just like that RR features an adjustable mechanical steering damper, providing a more enjoyable ride and faster lap times. It also got world class suspension and tyres. It also has DTC dynamic traction control which is designed for uncompromising riders who never accept second best .

RR bought the revolution in design , it’s a motorcycle with two face , on one side there is a small headlamp and a shark gill side fairing whereas on other side it has a big headlamp and a scooped out side fairing , the reason for its asymmetric design is to shave of some weight and make it as light as possible. The tail is followed by a sharp crystal tail lamp which gives it a slimmer look. To some people it might look ugly , but let me tell you it got the purpose behind, which is to provide you a thrilling experience of speed on road as well as track.

The RR was built for the race track, and it is here that it really shows what it can do. The bike first made its debut in domestic and international racing series. So they have made no compromise in power , handling and design. This is a master piece made for the track and the road by BMW, so if you have 20+ lakhs budget, and you are the person who never compromise with anything than this is a machine for you.
“ Only the rush of the wind keeps things from boiling” by BMW motorrad.


Engine-Liquid cooled, four stroke, transverse four cylinder, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder


Bore x Stroke- 80 x 49,7 mm

Induction-Electronic fuel injection, digital motor electronics BMS-KP

Throttle valve diameter- 48 mm

Emission control- Two regulated three-way catalytic converters, EU-3


Clutch- Multiple disc antihopping clutch in oil bath,mechanically operated.

Max Power-143.9 KW 193 hp @ 13000 rpm

Max Torque-112 Nm 82.6 lb-ft @ 9750 rpm

Transmission / Drive-6 Speed / chin

Gear Ratio- 1st 1:2,6471 / 2nd 1:2,091 / 3rd 1:1,727 / 4th 1:1,500 / 5th 1:1,360 / 6th 1:1,261

Frame- Bridge-type aluminium frame, load-bearing engine

Front Suspension-43mm Telescopic fork, 120 mm wheel travel.

Rear Suspension-Cast aluminium single-sided swing arm with eccentric adjustment for rear axle, central spring strut, spring pre-load hydraulically adjustable (continuously variable) at handwheel, rebound damping adjustable. 130 mm wheel travel.

Front Brakes-2x 320mm discs 4 piston calipers

Rear Brakes-Single 220mm disc 1 piston calipers

ABS- Optional equipment BMW Motorrad Race ABS (partially integral, disengageable)

Front Tyre-120/70 ZR17

Rear Tyre-180/55 ZR17

Seat Height- 820 mm

Exhaust- Stainless steel. 4-in-2-in-1. Closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-3.

Dry-Weight-178 kg

Fuel Capacity -17.5 Litres