Top 7 Fastest Motorcycles in the World


1. Dodge Tomahawk: 680 km/h


This Dodge Tomahawk is a very limited motorcycle that uses 10 cylinder, 90 degrees v-type engine. It can reach 680 km/h when it’s on top speed. This motorcycle can produce 500 horsepower (370 Kw) @ 5600 rpm. This motorcycle is using a simple transmission system by using just 2 speed manual transmission.


2. MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K: 363.2 km/h


he machine is powered by a Rolls Royce Allison Model – 250 gas turbine producing 320 shp (240 kW) at 6,000 rpm. The top speed that can be reached by this motorcycle is 363.2 km/h. The transmission system used by this motorcycle is different than other motorcycle by simply using 2 speed automatic transmission.


3. BMW S1000RR: 325 km/h



The BMW S1000RR, earlier, had toppled the Suzuki Hayabusa to take the top spot. At the moment, it is the third fastest superbike. it has got 193 BHP and 112 Nm of Torque. Taking reference of one of our earlier points of super cars being as fast as super bikes. We see that the 0-60 acceleration of the BMW S1000RR is as good as Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport’s acceleration, which both achieve in 2.4 seconds.


4. Suzuki Hayabusa: 312 km/h


This Japanese origin motorcycle uses a 1340 cc, 4 stroke, four cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16 valve engine. This Suzuki manufactured motorcycle can reach 312 km/h on its top speed. The power can be produced is 197 Bhp @ 9500 rpm. Transmission system used is 6 speed with constant mesh.


5. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R: 299 km/h


It reaches 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.7 second and will acquire a maximum speed of 186 miles per hour. ZX-14R features a 1441 cc four valve liquid cooled engine, produce 147.2 kW power @ 10,000 rpm.  For a decade bikes from Ninja series remained in first position within list of fastest bikes in the world.


6. Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird: 287.3 km/h


This motorcycle was released by Japan’ s leading motorcycle manufacturer, Honda. This motorcycle is using 1137 cc, liquid-cooled, four cylinder engine. The engine can make this motorcycle reach 287.3 km/h while it’s running on top speed. This motorcycle can produce 137 hp (102 kW) @ 9750 rpm power. The transmission system used by this motorcycle is close-ratio 6-speed transmission.


7. Yamaha YZF R1: 284.4 km/h


This motorcycle is produced by renowned Japan’ s motorcycle manufacturer, Yamaha. The engine used for this motorcycle is forward inclined Parallel 4-cylinder, 20 valves, DOHC, liquid-cooled. This motorcycle can be expected to reach 284.4 km/h on its top speed. This motorcycle can produce 152.9 hp (114.0 kW) @ 10,160 rpm. It’s using constant mesh 6 speed transmission system.