Yamaha YZF R3 Review – Image Gallery


Yamaha India introduced its latest flagship motorcycle, the YZF R3, some time ago. While we had the opportunity to test ride it in Thailand, a more comprehensive real-world evaluation awaited us here, in India. Thus, we dedicated an entire week to experiencing the Yamaha YZF R3 firsthand, and here are our insights.

On the aesthetic front, the Yamaha R3 presents an appealing, sporty, and youthful appearance. However, upon closer inspection, the R3 appears somewhat outdated compared to its predecessor and other competitors. It lacks the sharp, edgy design with distinct cuts and creases.

Similar sentiments extend to the features offered by the R3. The motorcycle is equipped with LED lighting, ABS, and an LCD display. However, it falls short in offering a TFT display, ride modes, smartphone connectivity, and traction control, features that even the R15 boasts.

Under the hood, the R3 is powered by a 321cc parallel-twin cylinder engine generating 41.4bhp and 29.5 Nm of torque, paired with a six-speed gearbox.

When it comes to performance, the R3’s engine thrives when pushed to its limits, effortlessly reaching its redline. Additionally, it exhibits adequate low-end torque, smoothness, and a notable mid-range punch around 5,000rpm.

Maintaining speeds exceeding 110kmph is effortless on the R3, and despite its sporty demeanor, the ergonomics remain comfortable enough for long-distance touring.

In terms of comfort, the R3 offers ample space and comfort, catering even to taller riders. The suspension setup is finely tuned, providing a plush ride quality at high speeds while effectively dampening most road imperfections.

However, echoing our earlier sentiment, the R3’s feature set remains limited, featuring LED lighting, ABS, and an LCD display, but omitting advanced features like TFT display, ride modes, smartphone connectivity, and traction control, which are available even on the R15.

In essence, while the Yamaha YZF R3 impresses with its performance and comfort, its outdated design and feature set may leave enthusiasts longing for more in a competitive market landscape.