Team ”Stallion Riders” Win the Pune Invitational Supercross League 2017 | Final Results


The Team Stallion Riders bagged the winner’s trophy of the fourth edition of the Pune Invitational Supercross League 2017 with a total of 438 points. This league was held at Royal Palms, Mundhwa, Pune for three days and proved out to be more thrilling than ever before.

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This three-day affair of dirt tracks and motorcycles saw some serious action-packed freestyle stunts and thrilling races. And to keep the spectators more entertained, there were food stalls and live bands as well.

All the races saw the best performances by both international and national riders with all of them giving their best shot every time. As the Team Stallion Riders emerged as the winners of this league, second and third positions were bagged by Team Greeshm with 424 points & last league’s defending champions, Team Bhalla Royale with 414 points, respectively.

The SX-1 category saw some serious and skillful races as the rider Harith Noah of INK Racing raced well and finished first in five out of six motos and finished third in one moto. Harith, the current national champion lived up to his reputation as he was declared as the best rider in this category for the second time in the league for his great performance.

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The SX-2 category contributed 178 points out of 438 to Team Stallion Riders. Team’s rider, Prithvi Singh of the SX-2 category was the main contributor to those 178 points with a total of 91 points. Out of six motos, he secured the second position in two motos and achieved the first position in one moto.

Goa-based rider, Javed Shaikh of Team Greeshm, gave a tough competition to Prithvi Singh. Javed proved out to be the major contributor to the team’s total points as he gained 117 points and bagged the first position in five out of six motos and came second in one moto. With his number of wins and riding skills, Javed was declared as the best rider in the SX-2 category.

The SX-3 category also saw some great races. R. Natraj from Team Bhalla Royale, the Bangalore-based rider won four out of six motos and came second in one moto. He could not complete one race as he had a crash.

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The SX-J, Junior’s category was the most loved category where little kids were competing against each other. Pune’s rider, Yuvraj Konde Deshmukh of Team Pashankar Racing, Karan Karle of Team PB Racing & Sri Lankan rider, Devraj Kolhara of  Team Greeshm seemed to give each other a tough competition. But, Yuvraj topped the category by winning five out of six motos and came fourth in one moto as he had a crash but still managed to complete the race.

The other SX Junior category (Privateer) was dominated by Satara’s Tanika Shanbhag, the only female rider in this category and league. Out of six motos, she won four of them and bagged the second position in the other two and earned a total of 114 points and emerged as the winner of this category. She was given a tough fight by another Satara’s kid, Shlok Ghorpade who came second with 108 points.

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Another category in this league was the SX-International. It was the most satisfying category which saw all international riders competing against each other. Every time, ever race became exciting as every lap saw a new leader. This category witnessed a great fight between two South Africans – Anthony Raynard of Team PB Racing, Kerim Fitz Gerald of Team Greeshm and a rider from USA – Justin Muscutt of Team Stallion Riders.

But this category was overall won by Kerim Fitz Gerald who earned a total of 110 points by winning four motos and came second and fourth in the other two motos out of six. Anthony Raynard grabbed the second position with 99 points followed by Justin Muscutt with 82 points. But these points were not considered in the final tally of points of the teams as this category was a demo class category.

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Below are the final results of all the teams. But this league really proved out to be more exciting and thrilling as it saw some great racing, stunts, great sportsman spirits, and determinations. We saw riders fall and have intense crashes. But they all used to get up, kick-start their motorcycles and start racing again. Their rise after their fall showed how determined and focused they were and how much addicted they had become to this game.

Sr. No

Name of Team SX -1 SX-2 SX-3 SX-J Total
1 Stallion Riders 64 178 129 67



Team Greeshm 76 139 124 85 424
3 Bhalla Royale 90 86 173 65



Pashankar Racing 58 81 128 113 380
5 PB Racing 103 122 36 90



INK Racing 115 78 48 59



Lilleria Motorsports 0 62 42 54


Points as per Position: 1st – 20 points; 2nd – 17 points & 3rd – 15 points.  

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