Tata Zest Enters The Asia Book Of Records


Tata Motors celebrated the joy of its car – Zest by participating in a record breaking rally run to enter the Asia Book of Records with its Tata Zest customers.

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The company with its successful engagement with its customers entered the Asia Book of Records by lining up 154 Zest cars. The rally was held in Pune which was started from and ended at the Pan Card Club, Baner. The record rally run was conducted in 3 batches and all the cars of every batch covered a distance of 21.19 kilometers.

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Focusing on customers’ needs, Tata Motors initiated a customer-focused, a mileage #GetSetBolt rally run for all its Tata Bolt customers. Further to that successful rally, the company yet again initiated a special mileage run initiative for its Tata Zest owners. This mileage run was conducted across 19 cities with 665 cars’ participation of both petrol and Diesel variants.  Over 2000 customers participated in this rally with the highest mileage achievements for its Petrol and Diesel variants. 47.69 km/l mileage was achieved with the petrol variant and 37.54 kmpl with the diesel variant.

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With this record rally in Pune, Tata Motors aims to reach the highest point of development with its customers.

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