Tata Sumo Restored to Factory-Fresh Look, Given Rolls Royce-Inspired Interior Mods


Tata Sumo is something that you can’t forget, especially if you belong to the generation of millennials.

In this video, a Tata Sumo is shown with a modified interior and exterior. Sumo has been an iconic product in the Indian market for years now. It is a rugged old school no-nonsense SUV that found thousands of owners, especially from semi-urban and rural regions. The applications of a Tata Sumo are almost infinite. People have used it as a commercial vehicle, passenger carrier, good carrier, rugged off-roader and more. The reason for that is its capability to adapt to any situation. That is the reason why this family insists on restoring it instead of buying a new car.

Tata Sumo with Modified Interior

They are in the business of car modification. But they were also pleasantly surprised and proud of this particular project because it is not every day that one gets to modify a Tata Sumo. The family member narrated the memories attached to this Sumo which makes it a special vehicle for them. That is why they decided to completely revamp the interior and exterior so that they can continue to use it even in the future.

There is a dual-tone paint scheme with black wrap on bonnet, side pillars and roof. The lower half of the body has a grey paint. In addition to that, the bumper carries projector fog lamps. There are chunky alloy wheels with high-profile tyres which are suitable for off-roading scenarios. They offer great ride quality.

New Age Interior

Finally, the interior of this Sumo is something else entirely. There is a strip of ambient lighting that runs the width of the car from door panels to the dashboard. It enhances the cabin vibe incredibly. Additionally, there is a brand-new touchscreen infotainment system that makes the cabin a bit more modern. But the main highlight is the Rolls Royce-like star roof. All in all, the family is grateful and excited about this unique modification to the iconic Tata Sumo. What are your thoughts on this?