India’s First Hero Splendor-Based Boat


The passion and creativity of human beings can make seemingly impossible things a reality and this is a great example to prove that.

In this video, India’s first Hero Splendor has been successfully converted into a boat. Mr Indian Hacker is a prominent YouTuber with over 27 million subscribers. He keeps undertaking some unique challenges and experiments involving automobiles. This time around, he decided to turn a motorcycle into a boat that could actually float on water. Let us check out how he was able to achieve it.

First Hero Splendor Converted into a Boat

The video starts with the YouTuber explaining the plan to the viewers. He has a regular beaten old Splendor which he decided to use for this experiment. In order to make the motorcycle float on water, he bought 2 fuel tanks that are used in aircraft. These look like large missiles but are actually hollow from the inside. This would ensure that they float on the water despite the weight of the bike. These fuel tanks are tied to either side of the bike.

Then, the rear section of the bike has been turned into a mechanism that is featured in boats. The rear tyre has been taken off and the propeller system has been installed by welding the components into place. The engine powers the belt which allows the propeller to rotate. That is necessary to enable the movement of the bike in water. Finally, they take the components near a river and assemble these there. In the first attempt, the clutch plate got damaged due to overload. The team went to get it replaced and even installed a more compact propeller setup.

As a result, the second attempt brought success. The entire crew is seen standing on the fuel tanks as the YouTube ‘drives’ the bike on water. The propeller works just like on a boat. In fact, he is even able to steer the bike using the handlebar which is an added bonus. We must caution our readers to not try such stunts on your own. The YouTuber spends weeks preparing for this and took all the safety measures. You must not try to imitate him.