Porsche! A Glimpse of its Museum Secrets



Located in Germany is a place so special any true car crazy nut would want to go there. Heck, I might even call it the Bold Ride mecca: the Porsche Warehouse. Now you can see video of the secrets that lurk inside.

The video, via Total 911: the Porsche Magazine, looks on as 20 special Porsches – including a Porsche diesel tractor – are moved from the Porsche Museum into the warehouse. There are more than 500 vehicles in the collection. Obviously they couldn’t display them all at once or the janitors would be too busy mopping up from heads exploding from the total awesomeness.


The Porsche Warehouse includes projects Porsche made for other companies like Audi and Seat as well as a Russian manufacturer and Chinese family car. The best part about the video? It’s in 2 parts for twice the viewing pleasure. The second part features the Porsche 996 Bulletproof (that weighs about 3 tons!), the 924 World Record Car (which the curator claims Porsche “almost forgot about) a one-of-a-kind 928 convertible, and the 984 Porsche Junior among others.

One of the most unique vehicles in the collection is the first 911 turbo. It was a birthday present in 1973 for Louisa Porsche, daughter of the founder. Louisa, an artist, made it her private car and, for some reason unexplained, had the turbo badges taken off it.


Here’s a massive understatement from the museum’s curator: “This facility is not a normal warehouse.” It’s also moved up to number one on my bucket list.

“You can feel, you can see, you can smell the Porsche heritage of the last eight decades,” is a great line from the video that sets up just how special the warehouse is. It’s a heritage behind locked doors and its location is only hinted at as in the suburbs of Stuttgart, Germany.

Here are the Two parts of the Porsche Museum Secrets:

Porsche Museum Secrets: Part 1

Porsche Museum Secrets: Part 2