McLaren To Make Its Official Entry In India In 2018


McLaren Automotive, the British automaker of supercars and hypercars could make its official entry in India in the next year, 2018. Well, McLaren needs no introduction but when you hear its name, you will immediately remember the famous McLaren F1 car which was also featured in the Need For Speed 2 SE video game back from the ’90s.

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Coming to its entry in India in the next year, McLaren looks forward to expanding its presence worldwide by opening its dealership here in India as McLaren has aimed at selling up to 5,000 cars annually by 2022.

As India is seeing a growth in the sales of supercars, McLaren will be offering its entire range in the country and aims to sell 10 cars per year led by the entry-level 540C sportscar. Though this sales number won’t make much difference to the total sales number targeted by the company, it will help in boosting the brand’s value in the country.

In 2016, out of the 70 supercars sold in India, 30 units were Lamborghinis’, and what has made McLaren gain so much of fan following and love are the two abroad registered McLaren 720S’ which hit the Indian shores recently and also took over the social media platforms by storm. They are imported through Carnet (which allows the owners to import their cars from different countries for a limited period of time).

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The McLaren’s current car range includes the Sports Series, Super Series, Ultimate Series and the Legacy:

Sports Series

570S Coupe

570S Spider 570GT


Super Series 720S
Ultimate Series McLaren P1
Legacy 675LT Spider 675LT 650S Spider 650S Coupe

While the 540C will be offered as the entry-level sportscar here in India, it will still be priced at Rs. 2 crores (expected ex-showroom price). But India won’t get the P1 hypercar as all its units were sold out back in 2013.

As of now, McLaren has a total of 79 sales and service outlets spread across Europe, Asia Pacific, North and South America, and Africa and the Middle East. With its India-entry, McLaren will also open its dealerships in newer markets like Brazil and Russia.

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Photography – Harshil Majmudar

Source – Autocar India