Mahindra Thar Taken to -30 Degree Celsius


Mahindra Thar is regarded as one of the toughest off-roading SUVs in the market and this performance proves why it is so.

Thar is arguably the most capable off-roading product in its price range in the country. That is precisely the reason why it has been a crowd-favourite for the longest time. In its current iteration, Mahindra has worked a lot to make it everyday-friendly with updated interior and features. But thankfully, the menacing adventure characteristics of the original Thar have not been compromised.

Mahindra Thar at -30 Degree

It is a part of the Spiti travel series created by the Thar owner. What is impressive and potentially dangerous if not done with preparation is the fact that this excursion takes place in the peak winters. Spiti is a popular touristic place which remains closed for a large part of the year due to roadblocks and heavy snow with temperatures dipping to as low as 40 degrees below 0. However, the owner came prepared for such harsh weather.

He installed a camp on the roof of the SUV along with all the key essentials to ensure that he could stay on the road for a long time. This included things like coal, heater, power banks, electronic gadgets, army-grade clothing, sleeping bags, jerry can, a lot of additional fuel, and much more. He shows how freezing everything was as the moisture around his beard is also seen frozen. In such conditions, he managed to get through the night stuck in the snow all by himself.

Do Not Attempt Without Proper Experience

He informs the viewers at the end of the video that one shouldn’t attempt such stunts without proper experience and preparation. Surviving the night was visibly hard. This is because the battery could cease to function as happened with him. Therefore, make sure that you learn from this and do not attempt such activities without proper planning. What are your thoughts regarding the capabilities of the Mahindra Thar?