How Pakistani Truck Drivers Treat Indian Drivers in Canada

"Port Aux Basques, Canada - August 3, 2013: A group of transport truck drivers chat as they wait to board Marine Atlantic's MV Highlanders ferry bound for North Sydney, Nova Scotia."

The Indian and Pakistani truck driver community is shown interacting with each other harmoniously in Canada. It is not a surprise that thousands of people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc, travel to Canada each year in search of better employment opportunities or the pursue higher education. Since we all speak the same language (well, almost), it becomes easier to interact with each other in foreign countries. This is a prime example of that.

Indian and Pakistani Truck Driver Interactions in Canada

He is a popular YouTuber who posts content about his life as a truck driver in Canada. In this case, he shows his daily life with his wife and child. But in the later part of the video, he shows his colleague, Usman Gill of a long time who is from Pakistan. Whereas the YouTuber has been working in Canada for around 5-6 years, Usman has been in the country for over 10 years.

Interestingly, Usman had completed his university education in Canada. After that, he worked in the trucking industry and has been involved for over 10 years. He often has to switch trucks with the Indian YouTuber as a part of their jobs. That is how they got close to each other. Both of them speak almost the same language and understand each other pretty well. The aim of the YouTuber is to show the world that people from the sub-continent live in harmony with each other.

A Great Insight

This gives out a positive image of the lives of immigrant people in Canada. This could be a great insight into the world of how people live in Canada after they migrate from India for those who wish to do so. Trucking could be a great part-time job for a whole bunch of people that could get them some extra cash while studying or could also be a great full-time job for those who have a passion for it. What are your thoughts on the matter?