Komaki XGT X5 EV Scooter Launched In India For Elderly And Specially-Abled People At Rs. 72,500/- (Ex-Showroom)


Komaki has launched the XGT X5 electric scooter for the elderly and the specially-abled people. The scooter is available in two variants – one with a lead acid battery (XGT X5 GEL) and the other one with a lithium-ion battery (72V24AH), and they are priced at Rs. 72,500/- and Rs. 90,500/-, respectively.

The company has ditched the rear middle wheel and has added two wheels on either side that allows a rider to ride the scooter comfortably.

The scooter boasts an additional mechanical parking feature for added safety. Over 1000 of its units have already been sold, and the scooter is available at all Komaki dealerships across India.

The XGT X5 scooters are offered in two colors – Red and Grey, and they have a range of 80-90 kilometers in a single charge.

The XGT X5 (lithium-ion variant) comes fitted with regenerative braking systems for enhanced safety and a repair switch that quickly fixes the problems identified during the self-diagnosis so that riders can safely reach their destinations.