Honda XL750 Transalp Review


Since its debut seven years ago, Honda’s Africa Twin has seen remarkable success. For a long time, it was the sole large-capacity ADV bike from the Japanese brand available in India. That changed with the introduction of the Transalp, a middleweight ADV positioned below the Africa Twin. After spending a few days testing it, here is our take on the Honda XL750 Transalp.

Design and Build Quality

The Transalp might not turn heads with its design, but it is purposeful and ready for adventure. Its styling is simple yet modern, featuring a single-piece LED headlight, a large transparent visor, and a scooped single seat. Taller riders, particularly those over six feet, might find the visor slightly intrusive when standing on the pegs.

Despite its understated appearance, the XL750 Transalp boasts exceptional build quality. From the switchgear to the welds and panel placements, everything exudes a premium feel.

Performance and Handling

At first glance, the Transalp’s sober appearance might suggest a docile, laid-back performance. However, despite its hefty build, the bike handles city traffic with ease. The engine offers impressive tractability and a strong low-end grunt, making it easy to navigate bumper-to-bumper traffic. But the real excitement begins when you open up the throttle on its 755cc parallel-twin engine.

The Transalp accelerates with urgency, bringing a smile to the rider’s face. Its spacious build and tall stance provide an excellent view, making highway rides equally enjoyable.

Should You Buy It?

Priced at Rs. 12.32 lakh on-road in Mumbai, the Honda XL750 Transalp presents a compelling option for adventure bike enthusiasts. For a comprehensive analysis, read our full road test review.