Honda patents fuel tank-mounted motorcycle airbag system


Honda has submitted a patent application for an innovative airbag system intended for its forthcoming motorcycles. Notably, this system deviates from the design and functionality of Honda’s existing airbag system featured on its touring motorcycle, the Goldwing Tour.

Unlike the frontal airbag deployment mechanism found on the Goldwing, designed akin to those in automobiles, the newly patented system offers versatility. While the Goldwing’s airbag is tailored for large motorcycles with substantial front ends, the newly patented system can be adapted for use on more traditional naked motorcycles.

The patented airbag system, as depicted in leaked illustrations, is positioned at the rear section of the fuel tank. Equipped with sensors, this system promptly activates upon crash detection, triggering airbag deployment. What sets this system apart is its unique ‘W’ shape deployment. While the central portion shields the rider’s chest, the outer limbs extend beneath the rider’s arms, reaching towards the back, resembling the form of a life jacket.

Another distinguishing feature of this airbag system is its ability to detach from the motorcycle, autonomously seal to maintain inflation, and envelop the rider even if ejected from the bike. This rapid response occurs within milliseconds, ensuring enhanced rider protection.

Honda’s pursuit of patents for motorcycle and automotive safety systems aligns with its ambitious goal of eliminating fatalities involving its vehicles by 2050. With multiple patents already filed for the aforementioned airbag system, its integration into production models appears imminent.