What are the reasons of a reducing mileage / economy?


There can be innumerable reasons for reduced mileage. Some of them are discussed below. Something that can be very easily done – maintain tire pressure as per specified values. Improper tire pressure leads to increased rolling resistance, thus reducing mileage. Bad quality of engine oil also affects the mileage to a great extent. Thus, timely checking of the oil quality (and quantity) and changing as and when required is extremely essential. Bad quality oil becomes thick, and can be recognized by its colour – it turns black. Most important – your riding / driving style ! Use of improper gear at a particular speed leading to excess vibrations or knocking, detonation, not using clutch properly during changing of gears Another important factor is the carburetor setting. It includes air-fuel mixture setting and idling speed setting, which can be adjusted with the help of given screws. The oxygen sensor and other sensors are also important factors which affect the mileage – get the sensors checked for proper functioning by a certified mechanicFaulty / clogged air filter, clogged intake manifold, misfiring of spark plugs, late ignition timing (ignition lag), dirty fuel filter, tight brake setting, clogged fuel injectors, fuel quality, chain slack, carbon deposit , worn out valves or piston rings, improper lubrication, etc. All these factors affect the mileage of your car/ bike.