Toyota Fortuner a ‘High Risk’ Car

  • Toyota Fortuner is among the high-risk cars in South Africa in terms of car theft.
  • The risk of stealing cars results in increased insurance premiums.
  • Here are the other cars that are also considered high-risk by the insurance companies.

Toyota Fortuner features in the high risk category in South Africa when talking about cars most likely to be stolen. Car theft is a huge issue in South Africa and the crime syndicates target cars that are the most common. This helps them remain hidden for a long time as the car they have stolen blends in easily with other cars on the road. Hence, hatchbacks like the VW Polo and Ford Figo feature at the top of this list of most stolen cars while SUVs like the Toyota Fortuner are also at high risk due to their parts being compatible with the Quantum minibus taxi.

Toyota Fortuner at High Risk of Theft in South Africa

The SA Police Service’s latest crime statistics suggest that the most commonly stolen vehicle is the VW Polo hatchback. It is also the highest-selling car. That makes the job of the miscreants easier. They can easily create a smoke screen in broad daylight. After stealing the car, the parts are also easily sold off in the market because there is always the need for cheap spare parts. The recent global supply chain issues have created a problem in the market as the parts are not easily available. Hence, thieves steal these cars and sell off the parts.

Similarly, Fortuner is a common SUV in South Africa. The thieves are even able to sell the engine of the SUV that is generally used in the Quantum minibus taxi. As a result of this, car insurance companies charge higher premiums for cars that are at high risk when it comes to stealing. This makes things difficult and expensive for car owners. That is why it is advised to have options while purchasing cars and you must compare the insurance prices between two cars to get the best deal.

Also, there are safety devices that one should install in cars like safety cameras, GPS trackers and jammers that will let the owner know the whereabouts of their vehicle in case stealing happens. Moreover, the car insurance premiums also depend on the neighbourhoods where you park your car. If they are more susceptible to car thefts, the premium charges can go up. Therefore, make sure to take all these things into consideration before buying a new car.