TVS Sales Nov 2022 – Apache, Jupiter, XL 100, Raider, iQube


More than half of TVS’ 2W sales are via motorcycles. Apache series and recently updated Raider are good examples. With 83,679 scooters sold, TVS gained 11.54% YoY as opposed to 75,022 scooters sold a year ago. With Jupiter leading the way, volume growth stood at 8,657 units YoY and scooters constituted 31.74% of TVS’ domestic 2W sales.

TVS iQube electric scooter has gained massive popularity with MY2022 update. With just 699 EVs sold in November 2021, TVS gained a massive 1338% YoY growth by selling 10,056 EVs last month. Volume growth stood at 9,357 units YoY.

TVS Sales November 2022

With XL 100, TVS is the only ICE moped maker in India. Popularity for mopeds seem to have declined, as TVS registered 18.22% YoY decline as it sold 34,957 mopeds in Nov 2022 as opposed to 42,744 mopeds in Nov 2021. Combined, TVS’ total domestic sales stood at 1,91,730 units and had a growth rate of 8.97% YoY with 15,790 units gained in volume.

TVS Motor exports saw a decline of 12.22% YoY with just 71,912 units shipped last month as opposed to 81,923 units shipped last year. Exports constitute 27.28% of TVS’ total 2W sales, while domestic sales constitute 72.72%. Total 2W sales (domestic + export) was 2,63,642 units with a growth rate of 2.24% YoY.

TVS makes 3W rickshaws and cargo vehicles – domestic sales was only 1,259 vehicles while exports was 12,222 vehicles. That said, 3W exports registered a 13.18% YoY decline in sales, while 3W domestic numbers grew by 67.20% YoY. 3W exports constitute 90.66% of total 3W sales. Speaking of, total 3W sales stood at 13,481 vehicles and saw a decline of 13.18% YoY as opposed to 14,830 3W vehicles sold in November 2021. Volume loss was pegged at 1,349 vehicles YoY.

TVS Motor Total Sales

TVS’ total (2W + 3W) domestic sales registered a healthy 9.22% YoY by selling 1,92,989 units in November 2022 over 1,76,693 units sold a year ago. Volume growth YoY was 16,296 units and constituted 69.64% of TVS’ total sales.

Total exports last month was 84,134 units, which fell short to 96,000 units shipped a year ago. Due to this rate of decline stood at 12.36% YoY and TVS lost 11,866 units in volume. Grand total (domestic + exports) for 2W + 3W for November 2022 stood at 2,77,123 units and registered 1.62% YoY growth as opposed to 2,72,693 units sold in November 2021.