Pune biker Devjeet Saha sets Bun Burner record: rides 2421 kms in 35 hours 10 mins on Hero Splendor Pro

  • Devjeet Saha is the first person ever to successfully attempt this ride on a 97.2cc motorcycle
  • He completed this ride in 35 hours and 10 mins, covering a distance of 2421 kms
  • He is the first person in history to attempt this ride and succeed on sub 100cc motorcycle
  • This is his second successful bun burner; his first was on a Hero Karizma

Bun Burner on hero splendor pro devjeet saha record

Pune: Pune Biker Devjeet Saha is not new to setting long distance motorcycle riding records, but this time around he has outdone himself by successfully completing the ‘Bun burner’ on a 97.2 cc Hero Splendor Pro motorcycle. The bun burner requires the rider to ride a distance of 2415 kms in less than 36 hours. Devjeet Saha accomplished this feat in 35 hours and 10 minutes riding 2421kms, becoming the first person in the history of motorcycling to have done so on a sub 100cc motorcycle.

He set forth for his journey on 5th April at 9:59 am from Pune heading toward Chennai. He reached Chennai on 6th April at 3:45 am and then headed back to Pune, finally reaching on 6th April at 9:10 pm. Speaking on his success Devjeet saysI always like setting records that cannot be easily broken. There are many people who have done the bun burner, and many who wish to do so, but very seldom will you come across someone who will want to do it on a lesser capacity motorcycle. That’s the real challenge. Such endurance rides are relatively easier when you have high performance machines, but to do something extraordinary on an ordinary machine is what gives me a sense of accomplishment”.

A management graduate and an entrepreneur, Devjeet is known in the motorcycling circuit for his numerous successful record attempts. This was his second bun burner; his first bur burner was on a Hero Karizma. Devjeet has set the following endurance records which are officially certified by the Iron Butt Association. For details visit: www.devjeetsaha.com

Bun Burner on hero splendor pro devjeet saha

Saddle sore – 1610 kms in less than 24 hours on

  1. Hero Passion XPro 110 cc.
  2. Hero Impulse 150 cc.
  3. Hero Splendor Pro 97.2 cc.

Further commenting on his choice of setting records on smaller capacity motorcycles, Devjeet saysPeople have a misconception that one cannot do much with small capacity motorcycles. That they can only be used for city commutes. I want to prove it to them that these motorcycles also have the ability to travel long distances, and if one wants to go touring on their machines, then its cc should not be an issue at all. All one needs is the will power and determination”.

IBA Bun Burner on her o splendor pro devjeet saha

The Iron Butt Association of America is the only governing body for authenticating such endurance rides. They have various rides that one can attempt, but the saddle sore and bun burner rides are most popular. The saddle sore involves riding 1610 kms in less than 24 hours, while the bun burner involves riding 2415kms in less than 36 hours. Devjeet Saha is the only biker in the country with the maximum successful saddle sore rides.