Painted Supercars Show up at Miami’s Art Basel


What is it about Miami and painted supercars? Last month it was the Miami International Auto Show. Last week it was Art Basel and its stunning collection of Ferraris, Bentleys, Lamborghinis and more turned into automotive art.Just to catch you up, Art Basel is, as Forbes points out, part of a marathon of decadence that is the Miami Art Week. The one percenters like to see and be seen there. Heck, a few years ago, Audi flew in journalists from around the country just to look at the new Audi A8 at Art Basel – not drive it, just look at it.


That in part explains why Autofluence, the blog of The DuPont Registry, covered the Art Cars of Art Basel Miami. It’s a beautiful gallery of beautiful supercars slathered in various ways with diverse artistic approaches.

Our favorite of the bunch? The nod has to go to Mr. Brainwash’s paint splattered Maserati pictured below. The bright hues, applied in a Jackson Pollack style, make us want to sneak onto a dealer’s lot with paint cans in hand.


For the strictly whimsical, our next favorite would have to be the Monopoly car fleet (below), which includes a Ferrari, a Mercedes-Benz, a Bentley, a Lamborghin and a bus. The artist, Alec Monopoly, took the classic Atlantic City board game and turned it into automotive applique.


Unfortunately there are no pictures of the bus. But, there are nice galleries of all the various artists who took paint to sheet metal. Maybe one of them will inspire you when it comes time to paint your 1996 Dodge Neon.

Source – BoldRide