Maruti Wagon R Vs Tata Tiago Service Cost Comparison


Maruti WagonR is one of the best-selling hatchbacks in India. Let’s take a look at its service cost and how it compares to Tata Tiago.

The Maruti Wagon R is one of the most popular cars among Indian customers. It has solidified its position as one of the most practical vehicles in India. The affordable car comes with reliable powertrain options and a spacious cabin. On the other hand, the Tata Tiago is one of the safest hatchbacks on the market. It also offers practical options at an affordable price and competes with the Wagon R. In this article, let’s take a look at the Maruti Wagon R Vs Tata Tiago Service Cost Comparison.

Maruti Wagon R vs Tata Tiago Service cost comparison

Maruti Wagon R Maintenance Schedule with Prices

Ideally, you should go for 7500 Kms or 6 Months for Basic Checkup. The Service Schedule every 6 months comes with an expected paid labor cost of Rs 800 – 1000. Every service includes General Wash and Cleaning, Tyre Rotation for Even Wear & Tear, Clean AC Filter, Check AC Performance, and Tighten all Nuts and Bolts. Additionally, Fuel Lines are checked for Leakage. The Bushes, Suspension, and Rubber Items are also checked. The Fluids / Oils are checked and topped up. Here’s a Maruti Wagon R Service Schedule:

Oil & Filters Maruti Wagon R Service schedule
·         Engine Oil (0W-16 in MY 2019 Onwards, 0W-20 from 2013 Onwards, 5W-30 in Cars before 2013 Make) – 2.9 Litre ·         10,000Kms or 1 year
·         Oil Filter ·         10,000Kms or 1 year
·         Air Filter ·         40,000 Kms
·         Brake Fluid ·         20,000Kms or 2 year
·         Coolant ·         20,000Kms or 2 year
·         Gear Oil / Transmission ·         Not required to change till 1.6 Lakh Kms / 10 yrs
·         Fuel Filter ·         40,000Kms or 4 year
·         Spark Plug ·         40,000Kms or 4 year
·         Timing Belt ·         NA
·         Wheel Alignment & Balancing ·         Every 10,000 Kms

Tata Tiago Service Cost and Maintenance Price

The Tata Tiago Service Schedule is based on 15000 Kms Servicing and in Multiples. You get 3 Labor Free Services. After which, you shuld go for paid services every 7500 Kms or 6 Months for Basic Checkup. The first service is 2 Months or 1500 (+/- 500 Kms). While the second service is 6 Months or 7500 Kms (+/- 500 Kms), the third service is done after 12 Months or 15000 Kms. Overall, the Average Scheduled Tata Tiago service costs are expected to be just 55 Paise per Km.