India’s Only Mahindra XUV500 in Electric Blue Paint of XUV700


Aftermarket car shops are famous for creating any sort of modification on any sort of vehicle and this is a prime example of it.

A Mahindra XUV500 was painted electric blue by the popular aftermarket car modification house. Note that this colour is a trademark of the XUV700 with which it was first launched last year. However, no one reportedly tried to paint their XUV500 with this paint shade. The thing about this modification is that this is the personal car of the guys who own the car modification shop. That allows them to customize the paint shade according to their will. Here are the details of this unique paint job.

Mahindra XUV500 with Electric Blue Paint

The owners also explain their story of how they bought this SUV. They bought it from someone else as a used car. The original SUV had black paint. They are also quite inspired by the XUV700 and wanted to buy it. However, due to some reasons, they were no longer interested in that. Nevertheless, they decided to get their existing XUV500 painted in the electric blue colour that the XUV700 is generally associated with. Resultantly, they decided to do that along with a few more modifications to match the paint.

They dissemble the entire SUV and introduce their own creative imagination to make it look super-sporty. After days of hard work, they are able to achieve what they had intended to do. The final product looks stunning with Electric Blue paint, black paint on the grille, black alloy wheels, and red brake callipers. One has to agree that this XUV500 oozes sportiness like no other XUV500 in the country.

Finally, we must mention that it is not legal in India, to change the paint of your car without informing the authorities. The car shop also mentions this and shows the viewers that they had gone through the process of updating their RC with this new colour. However, you must confirm this with the RTO before opting for a paint job because, in some states, you are not allowed to change the colour at all, while in some other states, you can do it after updating it on the RC of the vehicle. What are your thoughts on the final product?