Give Way To Ambulance, Save Lives | A Ride For A Good Cause


A group of bikers, Call Of Riders Biking Club – Mumbai (CORBC) will embark its Mega Ride from Mumbai to Kanyakumari this year with an awareness message to share. The message would be “Give Way to Ambulance, Save Lives”. It is a very basic thing which we fail to do on a daily basis by not giving way for ambulance on our crowded roads. All we need to understand is, someday it could be our family members or ourselves in same situation.

CORBC will be riding from 12th Nov 2016 to 22nd Nov 2016 through various cities and states meeting various riding clubs to share their message. They will also be halting at random locations to spread the message through banners and will also ask people to sign on it if they pledge to give way for Ambulance.


Ride Route with halts: Mumbai – Pune – Kholhapur – Belgaum – Dharwad – Hubali – Bangalore – Pondicherry – Kanyakumari – Trivandrum – Kochi.

They will be meeting various biking clubs in Hubali, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Kanyakumari, Trivandrum and Kochi to spread their message. Stickers of the same will be distributed throughout and will be stuck at various places which they would be visiting. They would be halting in Pondicherry and Trivandrum for couple of days, so as to promote the message with larger audience through some local contacts. They also have got their Jerseys printed with the message, which they will be wearing throughout their ride.

They would be a total of 10 bikers, riding for this cause and the details of them are as below:

One of the riders, Zakir Shaikh will be coming all the way from Qatar to join them for this ride to spread the message


Rider Name Bike

Facebook Link


Vijin Das Royal Enfield Electra 350


Kevin Pires Royal Enfield Standard 500


Jay Pandya Royal Enfield Electra 350


Kamlesh Baniya Gawli Royal Enfield Electra 350


Hamdaan Khan Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350


Nissim Mestry Royal Enfield Classic 350


Ravi Bangera Royal Enfield Standard 500


Zakir Shaikh Pulsar 220


Pushparaj Nadar Yamaha FZ


Jitendra Batra KTM 390

As this group will be riding for a good cause, a cause which has become a everyday problem in our country, so we at are supporting them by providing stickers which will help in spreading more awareness about the same. We would also like to request those who live in the cities through which these bikers’ will be riding to sign the petition over there and also to everyone to be aware of this cause and give way to the Ambulance.

Below are their Promotional and Sign Off banners which they will be displaying throughout their ride: