CNG Vs. Electric: Which Is The Most Economical Option


In the first half of 2022, there were more than 3.90 lakh electric vehicle sales! In contrast, 2.50 lakh CNG vehicles were sold within the same time period. If we only consider sales data, electric vehicles are unquestionably more popular among Indians and have taken over the Indian auto market!

But can we truly infer from sales data that EVs are superior to CNG vehicles for city driving? Honest answer: No! An automobile is a very complex machine, and we at CarJasoos are here to provide a detailed comparison of EVs and CNG. Let’s start now!

Also, a hybrid of both CNG and Petrol, and Electric and Petrol are available in the market. But for this comparison, we have considered pure electric powertrain only, as an engine is required for CNG vehicles to work.

CNG Vs Electric Car | Which one is the most economical option for city drive?

How do CNG cars work?

Compared to gasoline and diesel, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is less expensive. Additionally, it is more environmentally friendly and efficient. Furthermore, every CNG vehicle is a CNG-Petrol hybrid. The engine of a CNG vehicle is started with gasoline but can be switched to run on compressed natural gas. In addition, you can get a CNG kit fitted in your petrol vehicle even if you didn’t purchase a CNG vehicle!

The high-pressure CNG storage tank for a CNG car is kept in the trunk of the car. The fuel lines are then supplied with this high-pressure gas from the tank. The regulator is used to lower the pressure to the ideal pressure in accordance with the fuel injection system of the engine. The air and CNG are then transferred to the combustion chamber. The mixture is finally ignited by the spark plugs!

How do electric cars work?

Electric vehicles are very efficient, long-term cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Additionally, EVs have superior performance and eliminate of emission of environmentally harmful gases.

Generally speaking, EVs use electricity by transforming it into mechanical propulsion. Additionally, some studies claim that when compared to traditional cars, electric vehicles are up to 70% more efficient.