CES 2024: Honda showcases two ‘0 Series’ EV concepts


Honda at the 2024 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas showcased two all-new EV concepts. The two concepts from the new ‘0 Series’ are christened Saloon and Space-Hub. Along with the two near-production EV concepts, Honda also premiered the new H logo which will be used for the next-gen EVs.

Of the two concepts, the Saloon is almost ready for production, claims the Japanese carmaker. We could see an all-electric sedan based on this 0 Series Saloon as early as 2026. It is sleep, sharp and futuristic with gull-wing doors.

The squared-off lighting elements at the front and the back, Countach-like windshield silhouette, and a very unique rear make the Saloon concept look straight out of a Tron movie. Moreover, the cabin of the Saloon is properly futuristic as well.

On the other hand, the Space Hub concept is a minivan with the same Countach-like front nose and raked windscreen. But at the back, into a four-door people carrier that seems to have taken design inspiration from E.V.A from Wall-E. It might inspire some practical electric Honda minivan in the future, but there’s no confirmation of the Space Hub entering production anytime soon.

The new H logo for Honda’s future EV also made its debut alongside the two 0 Series Concepts. Honda also utilised the CES stage to demonstrate their engineering breakthrough when it comes to EVs as well as AI, in-car technology, and advanced safety equipment.