Biker’s Adda- A Marathi Movie based on Pure Motor-Biking Culture!


A trailer has just launched of an upcoming movie, the Biker’s Adda, a Marathi Cinema presented by Shree Navkar Films which is completely based on pure Biking Culture.


This movie’s poster was released a few weeks ago and wasn’t any normal poster and indeed was a 3D Motion Poster and is now the first marathi movie to release a 3D Motion Poster in the history of Marathi Cinema.

The movie has a huge Star cast along with many Bike Riders and Bike Stunters.The movie is written and directed by Mr. Rajesh Latkar, an automobile enthusiast by himself. The lead role is played by Santosh Juvekar and the heroine’s role is played by Prarthana Behere.

The movie’s trailer shows us the real life of a biker and their passion towards biking and many motorcycle races and bike stunts is seen too and the genre of the movie is seen as Action and Drama..

The races and stunts in this movie are performed by a Pune based Bikers’ Team, called as ‘Team-Hrishi’ and yes from this trailer we can say that they are real life bikers and stunters.

This Team-Hrishi is leaded by India’s First Official Superbike StuntRider – Hrishikesh Mandke and the team also consists of one of the best non-gear scooter stunter, Amit John – the Moped Flipper and other best bikers and stunters like the cornering specialists – Omkar Jadhav and Viraj David and great stunters like Heramb Kanade, Swapnil Sawant, Prasad Jadhav, Saurabh Sutar (Christ specialist), and the youngest of all stunters – Stunter TJ.

The Bikes used in this movie are all in the category of 100 to 400cc motorcycles.

Cast and Crew –

  • Movie : Biker’s Adda
  • Producer : Veejay Haria & Pramod Lokhande
  • Director : Rajesh Latkar
  • Studio : Shree Navkar Films & Aangel Creation
  • Star Cast : Santosh Juvekar, Prarthana Behere, Shrikant Moghe, Hrishikesh Mandke, Shrikant Wattamwar, Rahulraj Dongare, Nikhil Rajeshirke, Devendra Bhagat, Anirudh Hariip, Jai Aditya Giri, Tanvie Kishore
  • Writer : Rajesh Latkar
  • Genre : Action, Drama
  • Release Date : 10th April 2015

Movie Trailer –

3D Motion Poster –