Volkswagen Golf ninth-generation to be an EV


Volkswagen is on an electric spree focusing on the growing ID family. But the faith of iconic models like the Golf was in dangles. Introduced in 2019, the current eighth-gen Golf will run out of its life cycle in the next five years. Will there be a ninth-gen Golf? Volkswagen has now answered the question and yes, the Golf will live on – as an EV.

With Golf slated to become a part of the ID family, it will be positioned between a smaller ID2 city car and the well-established ID3. The ID3 was never intended as a replacement for the Golf in the electric line-up and the electric Golf could easily co-exist with the ID3, believes the German carmaker.

Introduced in the mid-1970s, the Golf nameplate has found more than 35 million owners across eight generations. When the next-gen of the supermini arrives, it will most likely carry the ID Golf name. Similarly, the high-performance GTI version will also live on as the ID family already has a go-fast version which goes by the GTX name.

It’s still a few good years for the combustion engine-powered Golf. But as the saying goes, good things don’t last.