Triumph working on flex-fuel-compatible engines for 2024

  • Aims to develop ethanol-based engines for its Moto2 bikes
  • The same technology could trickle down to road bikes
  • Have set up a testing program at its Leicestershire base

TriumphMotorcycles is working on sustainable fuel for its Grom Prix motorcycles since the Moto2 category is shifting to ethanol-rich E40 fuel. The said change is slated to be in the application by 2024.

The British marque has been manufacturing the Moto2 engines since 2019. Now it has a dedicated testing ground for flex-fuel-compatible engines in the Leicestershire base. Apart from making its race bikes environmentally friendly, the Hinckley bikemaker says the same technology could trickle down to its road bikes as well.

Triumph aims to ready the E40 fuel by 2024 for the Moto2 machines and then develop E100 as well by 2027. The Street Triple borrowed 765cc motors will use the same fuel while ensuring no drop in performance. However, the latter is still in the works.

Apart from the flex fuel and its engines, Triumph has also been working on its upcoming electric superbike, the TE-1. Its latest details were revealed a few months ago and you can head here to read about it.