Total Energies launches new EV Fluid ranges in India


TotalEnergies Marketing India Private Limited (TEMIPL), a subsidiary of TotalEnergies, is launching new EV Fluid ranges in India for electric & hybrid cars and electric bikes.

The new product ranges – Quartz EV Fluid for cars and Hi-Perf EV Fluid for bikes – have been developed specifically for drivetrain reducers, e-motors, e-transmissions and batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles. These custom EV fluids are designed with enhanced electrical properties against short circuits and static electricity and excellent compatibility with copper coils and new polymer materials used in electric vehicles. They are also produced with excellent anti-wear properties and high thermal resistance with ultra-low viscosity for protection of gears and bearings and optimal temperature control with efficient cooling.

TotalEnergies’ EV fluids are the result of extensive research & development investment and commitment, partnering with car manufacturers around the world as well as using Formula E races as a test environment for their EV fluids to help improve vehicle performance, extend the autonomy and increase their lifespan.

Speaking on the launch, Syed Shakilur Rahman, CEO Lubricants South Asia, TEMIPL said, “India is boosting EV adoption across the country with focus on sustainable and clean mobility solutions. As a result the Indian electric vehicle market is expected to grow exponentially in the next five years. With the launch of our ranges of EV fluids in India, we bring our global experience and technical expertise to the Indian market. Our products have been especially developed to meet the cooling, insulating and lubrication needs of all types of electric and hybrid vehicles to ensure that they remain in peak condition throughout their lifetime.”

TotalEnergies is a trusted lubricants partner of car manufacturers globally and aims to deliver technical, customer-oriented solutions and sustainable performance for vehicles.