Tata’s Secret Plan to Get 5-Star Safety Rating for Harrier


The Tata Harrier is already quite a popular SUV. Now, it might get a 5-Star safety rating at the GNCAP crash test.

The Tata Harrier is one of the most loved SUVs in the market. It has a bold appearance and a massive road presence. The car also comes with many modern features. Tata Motors is known for making safe cars with rugged build in almost all price segments. Models like Tiago, Tigor, and Nexon have built a huge trust in the brand, thanks to the 5-star safety mark. However, the Harrier has never been crash-tested by the GNCAP. Not anymore though. The Harrier facelift is most likely to score a full 5-star NCAP Safety Rating.

Tata Harrier Safety Rating

The Harrier facelift is likely to be powered by an updated 2.2-litre Dicor diesel engine (similar to the erstwhile Safari model). It is manufactured by AVL, Austria (previously known for Mahindra’s 2.2-liter mHawk engine). This engine will feature necessary modifications like a DPF, AdBlue tank, and Lean NOx Trap (LNT). These changes are likely to make it BS6 compliant. This unit is designed for right-hand drive cars. It will be developed in-house for the most part. The updated 2.2-litre Dicor diesel engine might be Tata’s secret weapon to get a full 5-star NCAP Safety rating.

Previously, Tata Motors went for the Fiat-source 2.0-litre Cryotec engine. However, it comes with a big safety issue. Since this engine was originally made for left-hand drive cars, the arrangement is not suitable for India. When used in a right-hand drive vehicle, the oil filter assembly is too close to the accelerator, brake, and clutch assembly. This setup can be quite dangerous in the event of an unfortunate crash. Certain parts could easily pop out and injure the passengers. Obviously, this is a huge roadblock to getting a 5-Star Safety Rating for the Tata Harrier.

Same Issue Faced by Jeep Compass and MG Hector in India

Many right-hand drive cars that use an engine sourced from left-hand drive cars face this issue. Hence, cars like Jeep Compass and MG Hector have not yet been sent to GNCAP for testing. With the updated 2.2-litre Dicor diesel engine, we might finally see the next Tata Harrier with an impressive safety rating. The upcoming car is likely to come with a new exterior styling, a Smooth Gearbox, a New Infotainment System, a 360-degree camera, ADAS Functions, and more convenience features. However, it’s not clear if 4WD would be on offer. Tell us what you think about Tata’s Secret Plan to Get a 5-Star Safety Rating for Harrier.