Royal Enfield Strident Riding Gloves Review – Six-Month Update


It’s been a considerable span since I’ve relied on my Royal Enfield gloves. Whether navigating city streets or embarking on weekend adventures, the Strident riding gloves have been my steadfast companion on every two-wheeled excursion. Enduring various weather conditions from scorching sun to drenching rains, they’ve weathered it all, allowing me ample time to assess their performance and provide you with an honest evaluation.

Sporting a sleek black and olive color scheme, the pair complements any riding jacket effortlessly. The carbon-fiber knuckle protection seamlessly integrates with the design, while the suede-like fabric adds a touch of refinement.

In terms of fit, the Royal Enfield Strident gloves fit snugly from fingertips to velcro wrist strap, retaining their shape since day one. Breaking into them was a breeze; within a short commute, they felt like a natural extension of my hands. The extended velcro straps enable personalized adjustment to wrist size.

Breathability and lightweight construction are notable attributes of the Strident gloves. Constructed from mesh, they ensure optimal airflow, preventing sweaty or odorous palms even during extended use. They remain comfortable in both warm and cool weather conditions, drying quickly after washing.

While the gloves excel in many aspects, there’s room for improvement in palm protection and overall build quality. Enhanced palm protection, such as incorporating a scaphoid piece, would offer added security in the event of a crash. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Royal Enfield Strident gloves remain a reliable choice for riders seeking comfort, style, and functionality on their journeys.