One Millionth Car Rolls Off The Renault-Nissan Automotive Plant In Chennai


The Renault-Nissan Automotive Plant was started in India in March 2010 followed with an initial investment of Rs. 45 Billion. Later on another Rs. 16 Billion was invested to increase the plant’s capability of manufacturing powertrains and toolings.


In 2011, the plant achieved a milestone of producing 1 Lakh cars and now in 2016 the Renault-Nissan Alliance has achieved a new milestone of producing One Million Cars. The One Millionth Car to roll of the production line was a left hand drive Nissan Micra which will be shortly exported to an international market.

The one millionth landmark car, Nissan Micra rolled off the line at 12:15 PM today (08/01/2016).

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This Renault-Nissan Automotive plant is the largest joint venture is the largest Alliance production facility in the world. The plant has introduced 32 new Renault, Nissan and Datsun models and derivatives to its production line. The plant also exports its vehicle to various domestic and international markets. This plant is also India’s second largest car exporter and has exported 6 lakh units to 106 countries since 2010.

Since then, the annual production volume of the alliance plant has been raised to over 2 Lakh units from 75 thousand units by the end of CY 2015.

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The Renault Kwid is the new vehicle to join the production line along with the other cars and its production has started from September 2015.

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