Old Ford Endeavour Modified to New Generation Model


People have been asking about the next-gen Ford Endeavour persistently now and we might have it in a ‘supernatural’ way.

Ford announced its departure from the Indian market in September 2021, the fans have been fascinated by the prospect of the popular international models coming to our market via the CBU route. Remember, Ford operated in India in the niche space withthe Mustang. However, unlike what was being hoped by many, it looks like it’s outside the realm of possibility to bring the international model of the SUV here.

2023 Ford Endeavour ‘Spotted’ in India

To achieve this, the front fascia has been completely replaced by a mega-muscular and tall bonnet with a hood scoop, modern LED DLRs with LED dual-projector headlamps that are found on the latest model of the Everest (aka Endeavour) in the international market, a ginormous Ford lettering inscribed on the front grille which is finished in gloss black material, rugged bumper and red skid plate with matrix LED DRLs, and the entire fender area comes well out of the standard body of the Endeavour.

Then there are mammoth custom alloy wheels with Fuel rims that have been installed on a car in India for the very first time. The tail end of this SUV has been finished in gloss black strip running across the two taillamps. The overall colour theme chosen by the modification house is bright red and the black elements across the exterior complement it very well. Let us know how you like this insanely modified Endeavour with the latest model’s look.