Morgan Motor Company Tells Us – How They Build A Morgan Car


Since 1910, the Morgan Motor Company has been churning out cars. Well, that’s not exactly true because the company originally produced vehicles known as cycle cars. These were three-wheel machines that could seat two or four people. The first four-wheel car came to be in 1936, and Morgan has produced both three and four wheelers for many years now. One thing hasn’t changed though, and that’s how these classically beautiful machines are built.

how a morgan is made

A skilled team of employees artfully craft modern Morgans at the automaker’s Malvern Link, England headquarters. I say modern Morgan, but that merely refers to the model year. Sure, the AeroMax looks like a modern spots car, but its lines are rooted in Morgan history. The cars are still built utilizing a good number of wooden components and a whole lot of hand-formed aluminum body panels.

Don’t expect the Morgan team to turn out thousands of cars per year. Instead, expect them to turn out a few hundred glorious motoring machines that are to a high-end watch what the Toyota Camry is to your average washing machine.