Lewis Hamilton Buys New Ducati Monster 1200



As known to the whole world he is the 2008 Formula One World Champion and currently racing for the Mercedes AMG, but Lewis Hamilton loves speed on two wheels as much as he loves racing his rare purple Pagani Zonda. The famous racer recently posted an image on Instagram of his brand new superb bike, a Ducati Monster 1200.

Few people get to drive the Zonda and even fewer actually own one ,For everybody else its just a dream. But Hamilton is not just anybody, so he was part of the first to order one. The F1 star got the 760 horsepower beast finished in purple and was seen driving it for the first time two years ago. Owning one of the most exotic cars on the market does not mean he can’t handle all that power on 2 wheels! This is probably what Hamilton thinks considering he just let all his Instagram fans know he bought a brand new Ducati Monster 1200. And by all means, what a monster this baby is!


And to make things even better, the bike’s base price tag is $13,495 (EUR 9,990), which is obviously a lot less than his sportscar costed, so it’s only normal he went for one of the Ducati.