India’s First Electric 2-Wheeler with Bosch Dual-Channel ABS


The recently launched Ultraviolette F77 has become the first electric two-wheeler in India to feature Bosch dual-channel ABS. This safety system allows the rider to maintain stability, thus, contributing to a safer riding experience even during braking.

Manohar Halahali, President, Bosch Two-Wheeler & Powersports, India said: “Bosch has been at the forefront of ensuring rider safety in India and globally, with our vision to move forward in the direction of achieving accident-free mobility. It’s our pleasure to be associated with an innovative partner like Ultraviolette which is bringing in industry-leading technology in their electric motorcycle the F77. The launch of F77 with Bosch ABS will not only make riding an electric two-wheeler fun and efficient but also safe. With this partnership, we continue our contribution towards rider safety not only in the conventional two-wheeler space but also extend it to electric two-wheelers.”

F77 with Bosch ABS: Prioritizing Road Safety through customization

Bosch motorcycle ABS 10 base, adopted to the F77, is the dual channel ABS for two-wheelers with hydraulic brakes both at the front and rear wheels. The technology also brings the rear-wheel lift-up mitigation function to the vehicle, contributing to keeping the rear wheel on the ground when a rider brakes sharply, reducing the risk of rollover.