Driving Hyundai Accent with Square Wheels


Social media engagement makes content creators do hilarious and bizarre stunts and this video shows exactly that.

We bet you haven’t heard of any such case where a vehicle is being driven on square tires. In fact, one might even think it is impossible for a car to move on tires with any other shape than round. Well, you might have to re-think as this video will serve as a reminder to challenge the conventions. Let us check out the details here.

Hyundai Accent with Square Tires

It is one of the biggest channels in India. The owner keeps performing entertaining experiments, mainly with cars and motorcycles in order to produce content for social media users. This time around, they decided to install square-shaped tires on a beaten old Hyundai Accent. Since there are no such tires in existence, the team produced them in-house. They compiled a few wooden boards cut as 17×17-inch pieces and bolted them together using a metallic plate.

On the assembly, they drilled holes replicating the holes on regular tires from where they are mounted onto the wheel hub on vehicles. Since the team took great precautions to ensure the proper distance between these holes for nuts and bolts, they are easily mounted onto the vehicle. The Accent is seen standing on the wooden ‘tires’. Finally, the YouTuber sits in the driver’s seat and begins to accelerate the vehicle. Not surprisingly, the tires pose some resistance as the edges of the wooden boards were stuck in the ground.

Extremely Bumpy Ride

However, the YouTuber accelerated the vehicle hard and it starts to move. As one would imagine, the ride was extremely bumpy as the sides of the wooden board rotate. The driver stopped fearing that something is broken. But after inspecting everything, he puts his foot on the accelerator and does an entire round of the field where they are conducting this experiment. Interestingly, the car is being steered appropriately too. The entire team decided to jump in the car later on. The edges of the wooden board are completely destroyed at the front. It makes for a hilarious piece of content. How did you like this unique experiment?