AMO Mobility Solutions Launches Four E-Bikes In India


AMO Mobility Solutions, an e-bike startup company based out of Uttar Pradesh, has launched four new e-bikes and its first showroom in India.

The four new E-bikes launched are Feisty, Jaunty, Inspirer and S-Pin. The showroom is located at Shaniwar Peth in Pune and is known as Green Wheels. All new four e-bikes will be on display and sale at this showroom.

The Feisty is priced at Rs. 61,500/-, the Jaunty at Rs. 57,500/-, the Inspirer and S-Pin at Rs. 49,500/- and Rs. 45,500/- respectively (all prices are ex-showroom, Pune).

All these e-bikes are powered by a 60V/26Ah, 60V/32Ah batteries except for the S-Pin which is powered by a 48V24Ah battery. Feisty, Jaunty, and Inspirer get a range of 75-100km depending on the battery variant and charging and they take 4 hours to charge up to 60% and 6 hours to fully charge. The S-Pin does not get the option of fast charging like others and offers a range of 75km on a full charge.

These e-bikes host a lot of features and also get digital instrument clusters and all weigh less than 60kg.

The showroom is located at Sriniketan Apartments, 609, Shaniwar Peth, Pune. With the launch of four new e-bikes and a new showroom in a city which is known as a city of two-wheelers, the company plans to develop its dealership across India soon and also looks forward to launching new products in the next few months.